Episode 1: Kamilah Hauptmann, Open Space Sims  

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Episode 1, recorded October 31, 2008

In our debut effort, the hosts introduce themselves, and our guest is Kamilah Hauptmann, Vicereine of the Independent State of Caledon. The topic on everyone's minds is the October 27 announcement by Linden Research, Inc., of pricing changes to open space sims. (This podcast was recorded before the revised offering was announced on November 5.)

You can listen to episode one or download a variety of formats at archive.org. We hope to be available on iTunes shortly. Our RSS feed will provide a direct link to an .mp3 file.

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Frau Duchess,

Most pleasant to hear you all, and a good conversation as well. I do not know if anyone else has had the issue I did, however, that you were quite faint compared to Her Lyonesse, Frau Avalanche, His Grace and Herr Sands.

I look forward to the second episode to hear if the volumes are more even -- and for more scintillating conversation as well.



November 13, 2008 at 2:48 PM

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