Gabrielle Flies Under the Radar  

Posted by Gabrielle Riel

Gabrielle takes her voice on the road and does an interview with veteran SL podcaster Radar Masukami for his podcast, "SL Under the Radar". Gabi's interview is featured in Episode 42, released on December 18, 2008. Download the episode from the "SL Under the Radar" site or you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes!

Episode 4: Soliel Snook and Otenth Paderborn at CaleCon  

Posted by Otenth Paderborn

Episode 4, release date December 10, 2008

In this special episode, recorded August 30, 2008, at CaleCon, a real-life meetup held in St Marys, Ontario, Canada, our guests are Soliel Snook and Otenth Paderborn, interviewed by Gabrielle Riel. Listen in as they shamelessly drop names and talk about how they came to Second Life and to Caledon, their previous interest in Victoriana, and their opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of Caledon.

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